Major Roadworks in Guatemala City

The Mayoral office has started preliminary studies for building two ring roads in the north and east of the city, though the a cost estimate or financing methods are not yet known.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Department of Works at the Municipality of Guatemala has announced that soil studies and geographical studies are being carried out, using topographical methods to determine the feasibility of creating a ring road in the north of the city and another in the east. The statements were confirmed to Prensa Libre by Alvaro Hugo Rodas, director of the municipal division. reports that "... the first road section would start on the road to the Atlantic, and then pass through the north area of ​​zone 18, following the route into zone 6 and part of Chinautla, and then connect to Zone 6 and then into boulevard El Naranjo, Mixco. The ring road in the east of the capital will also start on the road to the Atlantic, then it would go towards zones 25 and 24 of the capital, pass through San José Pinula and connect with the route to El Salvador. "

"... The community would have to build bridges, depending on the first plans and analysis carried out. If the studies produce results that determine the works are feasible, then we will have to talk to municipalities in order to establish agreements and build routes.". The municipal spokesman stressed that the routes are not confirmed, neither is the amount of the investment known or where the funding will come from.

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