Maersk and the Expanded Canal

The shipping company has drawn attention to the impact that the Canal expansion will have on its operations noting that there are still only a few ports that can receive Post Panamax vessels.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The two routes that the Danish shipping company Maersk Line ceased to operate in 2013 were of great importance for Latin America, whose operations account for 10% of the company's total sales worldwide. The canal expansion is seen by the managers of the shipping company as a great opportunity to increase business in this region.

In an interview with Efe published by, Andrés Osorio, commercial director of Maersk, said that they "... just made ​​a purchase about 30 thousand containers that will enlarge a fleet of 260000 refrigerated railcars, noting that Latin America represents 40% of total refrigerated volume of cargo that Maersk transports worldwide. "

He added that "...We hope that many of those containers in which we have just invested will be destined for our region and for exploiting products from Chile, Peru, Ecuador, that very likely will have the opportunity to use the services of the expanded Canal with larger boats in the future in so much as we have more availability of cargo and the market improves. ' "

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New Maritime Route Nicaragua - USA

May 2015

The Mexican company Transportes Marítimos Lamol will start operating the US - Nicaragua route, passing through the Escondido River to get to the Port of Arlen Siu, in the south-central part of the country.

The new route for TML Liners will be used by ships carrying 80 containers with a capacity of 3000 tons of cargo, which will set sail from Nicaragua to the United States, making a stop in Panama.

Market Supports Grand Canal of Nicaragua

June 2014

The continuing evolution of maritime transport towards ever larger ships is the main reason that Maersk shipping line sees the mega project as a real option for the future.

Commercial validation of the Grand Canal of Nicaragua project has been underpinned by the opinions expressed by the Head of Daily Operations at Maersk Line, Keith Svendsen, who told that while the Panama Canal expansion will allow the passage of much larger vessels than at present, the maximum length that will be admited is 336 meters, while the Triple-E series used by the leading global shipping company, now measures 400 meters.

Study on Regional Maritime Cargo

April 2013

The preliminary results have been released from a feasibility study on the development of a Short Sea Shipping service in Mesoamerica.

As part of this project, a feasibility study was conducted over the last 12 months, which assessed the movement of cargo from ports with international traffic in the 49 countries that make up the Mesoamerican block (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and the Dominican Republic).

Russia Opens Transatlantic Sea Link With South America

March 2010

Maersk line will open a new sea route: Guayaquil – Panama Canal – Rotterdam – Bremenhaven – San Petersburg.

The Danish company will operate 6 container ships in this new route, with a weekly frequency.

“With this new route, Latin American companies will have more opportunities of selling fresh fruit to Russia, specially banana, as these ships feature modern containers with refrigeration systems”.