Increase in Maersk Shipping Rates

Starting from May 15, rates will be raised on goods transported to the Far East, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and the East Coast of South America.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beginning May 15, the Danish shipping company Maersk Line said its rates for the Far East (excluding Japan), the Middle East and the Sub Indian continent will see an overall increase of $500 per 20-foot container and $1,000 per container measuring 40 feet, 40 feet HC, and 45 feet of dry cargo.

"In addition, for the Far East route (excluding Japan) to the East Coast of South America, the company said its overall rate increases will be located at $750 for a 20 feet container; $1,500 for 40-foot containers; $500 for 45 feet HC container and $750 for non-operating refrigerator container. "

"Maersk Line reminded its customers that the congestion surcharge in its rate 'between the world and the U.S.' addresses the potential risk associated with the stagnation of port operations as a result of labor disputes, therefore the surcharge will be applied to all shipments to or from the U.S., including those from Canada or Mexico. "

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Maersk and the Expanded Canal

April 2016

The shipping company has drawn attention to the impact that the Canal expansion will have on its operations noting that there are still only a few ports that can receive Post Panamax vessels.

The two routes that the Danish shipping company Maersk Line ceased to operate in 2013 were of great importance for Latin America, whose operations account for 10% of the company's total sales worldwide.

Maersk Will Continue Operating Through Panama Canal

April 2013

Modification of two routes to pass through the Suez Canal is temporary, until works have been completed on the Panama Canal expansion.

So stated by Ariel Frias, marketing and communications manager of Maersk Line, a company which has used the waterway for over 90 years as a route to transport goods to different continents.

Maersk Announces Rate Hike for Refrigerated Cargo

September 2012

The shipping company has announced a rise in service fees for transporting refrigerated containers from Central and South America and Africa.

In 2011, as result of the high prices of bunker fuel, the shipping company increased its fares for regular (dry) containers by 30%, on routes serving Latin America.

Russia Opens Transatlantic Sea Link With South America

March 2010

Maersk line will open a new sea route: Guayaquil – Panama Canal – Rotterdam – Bremenhaven – San Petersburg.

The Danish company will operate 6 container ships in this new route, with a weekly frequency.

“With this new route, Latin American companies will have more opportunities of selling fresh fruit to Russia, specially banana, as these ships feature modern containers with refrigeration systems”.