Losses in Agriculture Due to Chemicals Ban

Businessmen from the Salvadoran agricultural sector remarked that the measure could cause a 60% drop in production.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The warning came from the international organization CropLife, which is a member of the Agricultural Suppliers Association (APA) of El Salvador. "The FAO has said that without the use of pesticides, you run the risk of losing between 40% and 60% of the harvest, and this not only true in El Salvador, but around the world," said Martin Zuniga, CropLife regional director for Central America and the Caribbean.

"... While they are still discussing the possibility of adding to the list of banned chemicals, the EPA warned that the measure would jeopardize about 700 thousand acres of sorghum, maize, beans, sugar cane and coffee".

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Basic Grains: Fall in 2019-2020 Harvest Expected

November 2019

In El Salvador, it is projected that in the current agricultural cycle, the corn and bean harvests will fall by 5% and 8%, respectively, compared to what was predicted at the time of planting.

The forecasts of the Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (CAMPO) and the National Association of Rural Producers of El Salvador (ANPRES), specify that in the case of corn there are about 20,000 manzanas of crop damaged, which would imply a loss of investment of approximately $19 million.

Agrochemicals Ban Back on the Table

May 2016

Members of the ruling party in El Salvador have once again taken up the issue of the proposed banning, without any technical foundation, of the use of 53 agrochemicals in the country.

Although in 2013 the Executive made observations on the decree purporting to completely prohibit the use of the 53 products , arguing that some were already prohibited by international standards and asking for scientific studies for the remaining, once again there has been an attempt to pass the measure without taking into account its effects on agriculture.

Nicaragua: Businesses Oppose Chemical Control

March 2014

An agricultural union is claiming losses of $1.4 million because of purchase of pesticides that the government decided to restrict.  

The National Commission of Registration and Control of Toxic Substances created by the Government in February, restricted from coming into the country 12 agrochemicals.

El Salvador: 740,000 Quintals of Beans At Risk

October 2011

After heavy rainfall, about 742,500 quintals of beans are reported to be endangered.

The moisture caused by rainfall has generated a fungus attack in 40% of the cultivated area, said Oscar Albanian, director of the Agricultural Suppliers Association (APA).

An article in Elmundo.com.sv quoted the senior executive as saying, "Before this rainfall, between 30 and 35% of beans (in the cultivated area) were damaged by fungi (...) now it is 40% that is at serious risk of being lost. "