Logistics of Exporting from Guatemala to Mexico

Agexport is organizing a seminar on the main issues to be taken into consideration by Guatemalans exporting products to the Mexican market.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A statement from the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport) reads:

At present, 4.3% of Guatemalan exports are destined for Mexico, which include products such as natural rubber, textiles (fabrics or knits), paper and cardboard manufacturing, beverages, and liquor, among other things. With this in mind, the School of Foreign Trade, is holding a "Seminar Workshop: Logistics of Exporting to Mexico, using Key Factors for a Successful Process" on September 26, 2013.

With the aim of expanding the overview of the main concepts that should be taken into consideration for exporting Guatemalan products to the Mexican market, directors, managers and owners of exporting companies will discover the importance of a good logistics process, why it is a priority to know the market, the new Mexican scheme NEEC, among other issues, which will be addressed by the expert in foreign trade, Lic. María Ruby Elorza Alegría.

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Workshop on Customs Clearance for Export to Mexico

November 2014

On November 25th in Guatemala a seminar will be given on policy and tariff and non-tariff regulations which must be taken into consideration by companies that trade with Mexico.

From a statement issued by the Guatemalan Exporters Association (-AGEXPORT-):

In order to publicize the regulations, tariff and non-tariff rules which must be complied with by Guatemalan companies trading with the Mexican market, the School of Foreign Trade -AGEXPORT- will be holding a seminar on customs procedures for doing business with Mexico, Export / Import .

How to Export to the Mexican Market

August 2014

On August 26th training will be provided in Guatemala on the features, requirements and conditions for selling products in the Mexican market.

From a statement issued by the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport):

Overcoming obstacles which have traditionally limited Guatemalan exports to Mexico, being aware of and taking advantage of opportunities in the Mexican market through strategic alliances which will help you to be efficient in the export process, minimizing risks, time and resources are some of the goals of the Workshop on Innovative Strategies to Start or Increase Your Exports to Mexico, an activity organized by the School of Foreign Trade -AGEXPORT-, and which will take place on August 26, 2014.

Training for Guatemalan Exporters

April 2009

The "ABC of exports" program will be taught by the School of Foreign Trade of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters.

According what Roxana Larios reported in an article in Sigloxxi.com, "As a form of support for the export sector, the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport), through its School of Foreign Trade (ECE), is preparing the implementation of a new diploma course in which tools for entrepreneurs to trade their products in different markets will be provided.

Guatemalan exporters look to Mexico

October 2008

29 Guatemalan businesses started negotiations in 2009 to sell their products in Mexico

This is being done withing the framework of the "Mexican Access Table" a program by the Guatemalan Exporter Association (Agexport), with the objective of opening the markets to Guatemalan companies.