Logistics Event in Panama

On March 25 international and local experts will discuss the logistical impact on the region of the expansion of the canal at the Panama Logistic Summit event.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On March 25 national and foreign experts will be attending the "Panama Logistic Summit". At the event, which is organized by the Maritime Chamber of Panama with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, discussions will be held on the logistical impact on the region of the enlargement of the Panama Canal.

Don Ratliff, executive director of the Center for Research and Innovation at Georgia Tech together with other academics will talk about the competitiveness of the transshipment of Panama . " ... There will be discussion on the performance criteria that influences the competitiveness of transshipment, where Panama has opportunities for improvement, and actions to be taken."

Roberto Perez, director of the project "The Supply Chain 2020 "at the Center for Transportation and Logistics at the University of Massachusetts ( MIT) , " ...will outline the steps involved in the evaluation and reformulation of the logistics strategy, according to a methodology and model developed in recent years by him and other researchers at MIT."

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Rise in Tariffs on Transshipment Containers

May 2016

I Panama companies warn that container traffic will drop if the implementation of the new tariffs for food import inspections are not stopped.

The Business Council Logistics (Coel) is concerned that if the new tariffs do come into force of on July 3, "... the window will open for other state institutions to suggest similar increases, putting at risk the second most important sector of the Panamanian economy after the Panama Canal. "

Forum on Maritime Security and Port Protection

November 2014

From November 24th to 27th representatives from the industry in Central America and other regions will be gathering together in Panama City to discuss issues related to maritime safety and port development.

From a statement issued by the Network for Protection of Ships and Port Facilities:

III Expo Free Zones Forum

August 2013

On 22nd and 23rd of August entrepreneurs from 10 American countries related to activity of free zones will be meeting in Panama.

Representatives from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Uruguay, the USA, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and Panama, will be taking part in the event organized by the Association of Users of the Colon Free Zone (AU).

Panama and the Council of the Americas

March 2012

For the second consecutive year in Panama the Latin American conference of the Council of the Americas was held, this year subtitled "Panama: Where the World Meets."

The Council of the Americas is a private U.S. organization, composed of large international corporations with interests in the region, and who are mediators seeking greater cooperation and economic integration in the continent.