Logistics: Can Competitiveness Be Restored?

Investing in infrastructure that improves the connection between its main ports is one of the most determining factors for Panama to recover the competitiveness that is beginning to lose regionally and globally.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Panama Maritime Chamber (CMP) presented its strategy "Maritime Vision Country 2019-2024", in which it analyzes that although the Canal was expanded and remains competitive at the port level in the region, the country needs to improve in terms of institutionality, human resources, infrastructure, processes and technology, to continue giving tools to the logistics sector to continue its development.

Roberto Sabonge, member of the board of directors of the CMP, told Laestrella.com.pa that "... Panama functions, with an integrated system between Atlantic, Pacific, rail and highways. The cargo moves between the oceans, and that should be able to function free of all bureaucracy and in a transparent manner."

Patricia Velásquez, president of the CMP, said that "... the maritime strategy includes five priority proposals that will enable the sustainable development of the maritime and port sector in Panama, in a short and medium-term period..."

The proposal prepared by the union includes institutional strengthening, the development of infrastructure projects, a greater strengthening of legal security, improvements in processes to streamline and improve procedures, and the negotiation of international agreements.

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