Location intelligence for urban planning

By incorporating location intelligence into urban planning, it becomes possible to develop infrastructure adapted to the needs of citizens, enhancing living conditions in any given city. In addition, spatial data helps to optimize costs and prioritize government administration projects.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

What does location intelligence provide to urban planning?

This data-driven technique provides information on how people move around metropolitan areas. The popularity of different destinations, when people tend to visit certain places, what kinds of transportation they use, and how long it takes people to get from one place to another are just some of the insights that can be obtained thanks to this tool.

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Location intelligence applied in smart cities enables urban planners to improve feasibility, better optimize transportation systems, plan future mobility projects, and provide more efficient and faster solutions. Read full article here

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Foot Traffic analytics can identify the characteristics of transit stops and routes, helping to determine and improve the overall coverage of any transit system.

When it comes to public transport, foot traffic analytics can be of great help to authorities, who are faced with various challenges such as road congestion and the diversity of modes of transport, among others. This poses difficulties for public transport managers and operators when it comes to planning.

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Leveraging current and historical data on location movements allows urban planners to understand current challenges and build smart, flexible and efficient cities.

As more cities begin to implement smart city planning based on data science, location intelligence insights help shape policies that will benefit neighborhoods and the people who live in them.

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December 2021

By applying foot traffic analytics and location intelligence techniques it becomes possible to identify urban mobility patterns for the benefit of urban planning, transportation science, and geography.

Foot traffic analytics serve as a key factor in assessing the functionality and rationality of a city’s road network or a company’s distribution center, in terms of spatial structure and connectivity.

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Heat maps are used by retail giants to understand pedestrian and vehicular mobility patterns and thereby optimize their strategies for opening new points of sale.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we support global corporations in implementing a variety of expansion planning solutions.