More Productivity Needed

Productivity benefits the state and private enterprise, employers, employees and the unemployed. It benefits the rich, the middle class and the poor.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An opinion piece by Jose Alberto Soto Golcher analyzes pre-election activity in Costa Rica, pointing out how "romantic" the general tone of the speeches are and the proposals by political parties and candidates, and in general, how society is dealing with the problems facing the country.

By pointing to productivity as a specific goal which should be top of any agenda, Golcher Soto rubs salt in the wounds afflicting several Central American countries, recommending "let's stop being romantic and talk about productivity."

"... The philosophy of productivity requires having some basic principles: Planning, as it can not be the result of improvisation. Measurement to ensure its effectiveness. Progression, since there should be continuous improvement regardless of the magnitude and also simplicity. To achieve this we must be able to do what we say we will do, which suggests the need for accountability. It is also necessary to promote the progress of public employees, not because of their qualifications or the number of years in the job, but for their effectiveness and progress. It is necessary to talk about a process because a culture of productivity takes time and requires obtaining the political will and leadership for it. "

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