Livestock in Costa Rica

After two decades of steady reductions in the area devoted to the production of meat and milk, 2011 showed a rise in exports.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Many ranches have become littered with pineapple plantations, which offer better profit margins, and in this way, of the 2.4 million hectares occupied in 1988, the business now occupies about 1 million hectares, which has been adjusted according to final data from the National Livestock Survey in progress.

An article in reports that "By 1992, this expansion was reduced to 1.6 million hectares. Already in 2000, it accounted for only 1.3 million hectares."

Leonardo Luconi, Livestock Corporation President (Corfoga), states that "the area for livestock production and dairy farming is currently estimated at one million hectares." The total number of cattle grazing on that expanse could be close to two million.

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