Links Between Universities and Companies

While in the rest of the world the standard is close connections between the private sector and academia, the region is still holding on to old ideological myths, which negatively affect development.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

On inaugurating in El Salvador the II National Congress of Higher Education entitled "Linking Higher Education to the Workplace", the Minister of Education, Franzi Hato Hasbun, noted the need to "carry out a process of connection between company and university , encouraging three fundamental aspects: research, innovation and overcoming social projections. "

An article in reports that minister Hasbun insisted that the National Higher Education system "should seek connections with businesses and encourage research."

Persisting in a vision that has already been put aside in the developed world, where interaction, fundamental in the field of applied research, between companies and universities is common, Latin America still maintains that this interaction limits the economic independence of higher education institutions, compromising their academic autonomy. The produces an isolation between "the unreal world of the classroom and the real world of work"

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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in El Salvador has pointed out the need to adapt training courses to the needs of the business sector.

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Salvadoran National Quality Award

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The government of El Salvador created the Salvadoran National Quality Award and Recognition of Best Practices, to encourage the pursuit of excellence in products and services.

The launch of the Salvadoran Award for Quality is part of the State Modernization Program and aims to promote the establishment of systems for quality management and continuous improvement in products and services, both in public and private organizations.