Lighting and Road Video Surveillance Project being Prepared

In El Salvador, consultancy began to structure the project to install a lighting and video surveillance system on 140 kilometers of roads in four regions.

Monday, November 26, 2018

From the Fomilenio II statement:

FOMILENIO II and Deloitte Consulting S.L.U. signed the order to start the consultancy to structure the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) lighting and video surveillance project. This PPP consists of financing, installing, operating and maintaining lighting, poles, underground cabling, video surveillance cameras and monitoring rooms for selected road sections that conform an approximate length of 140 kilometers.

The project will be developed in 24 municipalities of San Salvador, La Paz, La Libertad, with an average daily vehicular traffic of 23,750 vehicles; this is expected to contribute to improving road safety in that infrastructure.

As part of the consultancy, Deloitte Consulting S.L.U will provide support to the Ministry of Public Works, Transport, Housing and Urban Development (MOPTVDU) in structuring, placing on the market and support during the tender process of the project.

This project is part of the portfolio of partners in which FOMILENIO II supports the Government of El Salvador.

A public-private partnership is a contract between a public entity and a private one, in which the private party assumes substantial financial, technical or operational risks in the design, financing, construction and/or operation of a public good or service. This is in accordance with certain standards for a limited period, in exchange for compensation.

Private participation under a PPP does not remove the public entity's ownership, authority or sovereignty over the stipulated good or service.

For governments, PPPs are a tool that provides the opportunity to supply the country with works and services necessary for its development, while directing their resources to social priorities. In this way, they contribute to economic growth and the generation of jobs, as well as to the alleviation of state finances.

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January 2021

Due to the effects of the pandemic, Salvadoran authorities decided to postpone until March the date for submitting bids for the tender for the lighting and video-surveillance of 143 kilometers of road sections, a contract to be executed through a Public-Private Partnership.

In early February 2020, CentralAmericaData reported that the tender had begun and that companies interested in applying for the project would have four months to submit their technical and financial proposals.

PPP for Road Lighting and Surveillance

February 2020

The international tender for lighting and video surveillance of 143 kilometers of road sections in El Salvador began, a contract that will be executed through a Public-Private Partnership.

Companies interested in applying for the project will have four months to submit their technical and financial proposal. After an evaluation process, the contract of the winning company must be approved by the Legislative Assembly.

El Salvador: $19 million for Road Lighting

May 2018

Using a public-private partnership scheme, a lighting and video surveillance system is to be installed on 140 kilometers of roads in four departments.

According to Fomilenio II, the project is in the phase "Recruitment of the advisor to structure the project", which is "on hold - as of May 2018." 

Public-Private Partnerships Not Being Leveraged

December 2017

In the four years that the law of associations between the State and private companies in El Salvador has been in effect, not a single infrastructure project has been able to materialize using this business scheme.

Although there are at least seven infrastructure projects that were initially proposed as being those with the highest priority and ideals to be developed under the public-private partnership scheme and with funding from Fomilenio II, none of them has managed to materialize.