Large Firms from the U.S. Go Shopping in Nicaragua

Arriving in the country are: Walmart Global Food Sourcing Central America, Bagley Produce, Farm Fresh Market, Anthony Marano Company, Clarke & Stephen, LLP Legal Translator and Total Quality Logistics.

Friday, November 23, 2012

According to , the six "major U.S. companies will arrive in Managua on 28 November to explore shopping opportunities in agribusiness in Nicaragua, and to get to know the facilities offered by the country for doing business."

The trade mission, which is sponsored by Programa Empresas y Empleos funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has aroused great interest from the business world in Nicaragua.

The North American companies will visit the businesses Hidropónica de Nicaragua, AgroesNica, PAC, Agroexportadora del Norte, Vegetales y Frutas Procesadas SA, Agrosa, Mangosa, Tecnoagro, Cecoopsemein, Serviconsa del Grupo Pescanova and the installations of Frigoríficos APEN.

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Honduras: Online Trading for Agribusiness

January 2016

The union of entrepreneurs in Cortés has organized for the first week of March a virtual business meeting with buyers of agricultural products in the European market.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Cortés:

The Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Cortés and the Mesoamerican Fruit Production Project, with the program for "institutional strengthening for improving the competitiveness of fruit from CA and Dominican Republic" invites you to participate in the Virtual Business Negotiations for Fresh and Processed Fruits .

Nicaragua: Agricultural Sales to U.S. Companies

December 2012

A visit of six major U.S. buyers ended with initial contracts worth more than $3 million for the export of fresh produce.

American entrepreneurs were especially interested in seedless watermelons, coconuts, Asian vegetables, roots and tubers, according to a report from the general manager of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua (APEN), Azucena Castillo.

XX Congress of Melon and Watermelon Producers and Exporters

August 2012

Panama is home to the XX International Congress of Producers and Exporters of Melon and Watermelons in Central America which brings together companies and exporters.

Organized by the Group of Non-Traditional Exporters of Panama (Gantrap) it will end on Saturday August 18 with business negotiation rounds between exporters, producers, importers and service providers.

Costa Rica Expects 205 International Buyers

September 2011

Costa Rica will hold on September 6 and 7 of the XIII Buyers Trade Mission with the participation of representatives of some 205 companies from 31 countries.

240 small and medium local enterprises (SMEs) from the agricultural, industrial, food and metalworking sectors, among others, will take part in the meeting.

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