Landing the Best Human Resources

Attracting, hiring and retaining talent is imperative to make a company competitive; the methods to achieve this are changing rapidly.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In most productive sectors there are not enough qualified and experienced professionals. In some industries, such as software development, the lack of personnel is even more critical, making it crucial for companies to adopt staff attraction and retention policies.

Internet is one arena where companies start communicating with potential candidates, by showing their available positions and the advantages of working in them. To attract interested personnel, it is fundamental to plan and execute an adequate presence in blogs and social media.

An article in analyzes how the methods used to attract and retain high-level personnel have changed over the years, providing tips along the way.

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Dificulties to hire qualified staff increases in Costa Rica

July 2014

There has been a rise in the number of firms reporting difficulties in recruiting qualified staff, especially technicians, engineers and sales managers.

In one year the number of companies who said they found it difficult to fill vacancies grew by 11%, according to figures from a survey carried out by the human resources firm Manpower, which states that "...

Overcoming the Shortage of Qualified Employees

May 2012

There are plenty of applicants for the posts, but there are few who are really qualified to meet the demands of each job.

A study entitled 'Lack of Talent 2011' by the firm Manpower Group shows that 30% of companies in Costa Rica say they have trouble finding certain types of staff such as technicians, salesmen and secretaries with the required skills.

The Best Candidates are Not Those Looking for Work

November 2011

To fill a position it is customary to choose candidates from those in the labor market, but many of these may be mediocre malcontents.

In reality, the way to get the best people is to look among those who are enjoying their current job, and who are not actively looking to change firms or position, but would accept an attractive offer. They are called "passive job seekers."

The Cost of Staff Turnover

November 2010

"People don´t leave the company, they flee from their managers" - Lynda Ford, from Ford Group.

Speech by Prof. German Céspedes Herrera, from the Institute of Business Studies, during a conference sponsored by El Financiero, on "How to retain talent," which discusses the following topics: