Lack of Skilled Labor in El Salvador

Current business needs do not match up with the supply of professionals nationwide.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lack of public policies encouraging diversification of careers, and the limited interest of students in non-traditional careers are two of the reasons for the low supply of personnel in the country on offer to companies that come looking for laborers.

Currently in El Salvador students are choosing courses which have little demand from businesses, which leads to frustration when they try, and fail, to find a job.

Companies today are looking for bilingual professionals and technicians with computer skills and technical career specialties, who are innovative and adaptable to new things, according to research by the firm Manpower.

An article in states: "For the 3,000 positions that were available at the job fair organized nearly a year ago by the American Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador (AMCHAM), only about 800 people were able to register having met the profile required by companies.

Professionals with technical degrees, master's, specialist courses, computer skills and English language (spoken and written), left the 2,200 other candidates behind as they simply did not meet the requirements of firms offering placements. "

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