Lack of Professionals in Networking and Communication

In Costa Rica there are currently more than 400 people employed in this sector, with a reported unmet demand for another 3000.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The study "Skills in networking and connectivity in Latin America", conducted by IDC for the company Cisco, reveals that there is currently a 43% gap between demand and actual supply of these professionals, which by 2015 could rise to 47 %. interviewed Cristian Sanchez, Sales Manager for Cisco Central America:

"If we assume that any system being installed in an institution or company requires a network platform behind it, this generates a very high demand for this type of infrastructure. This demand involves knowledge and skills related to the installation, maintenance and problem solving that arise in networks. People with these skills are needed. "

According to Sanchez, the industry has grown too fast, something nobody expected. "The country required 5793 professionals in essential technologies and 1,439 specialists in emerging technologies," he said.

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July 2016

Sales, operations and production are the areas in which Guatemalan entrepreneurs face the most difficulties in recruiting staff with the necessary skills.

Leadership, the ability to make decisions and to identify and solve problems are the skills most required by companies in Guatemala, and the most difficult ones to find when hiring staff.

Labor Shortages in ICT Sector in Panama

April 2014

The speed with which the Panamanian economy is developing is demanding skilled labour which, at the moment, the country is unable to supply.

The lack of qualified people in the areas of technology, software development and telecommunications is one of the challenges facing Panama as a consequence of its economic growth.

Lack of Specialist Technicians in Costa Rica

August 2012

Facing a lack of specialized technicians, representatives from private companies are motivating students to train in technical careers and foster the development of new specialties.

Given the need for technical personnel in the province of Alajuela, businesses from the free zone area El Coyol, held a meeting with senior students encouraging them to train in the technical specialties necessary for the productive sector.

Costa Rica loses $72 million due to lack of IT technicians

September 2008

Last year at least 82 IT companies lost a total of $72 million because they lack some 2,300 computer technicians and professionals.

This data comes from a diagnosis done by the Chamber of Information Technology and Communication (Camtic), with support from universities, in order to know the panorama and to provide proposals that will improve it.