Lack of Cell Phone Tower Regulation in Costa Rica

Only 28% of the country's municipalities have clear rules for granting permission to install radio base stations.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In a note presented to congress on March 31, the Chamber of Info-communication and Technology reported that, "to date, only 23 of the 81 municipalities and 3 district councils have approved celular telephony infrastructure regulations".

Costa Rican newspaper, El Financiero, in its web portal publishes part of the letter sent: "36 local governments have yet to begin consultation on the rules to regulate the construction of this infrastructure".

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Telefónica Prepares Infrastructure for Opening in Costa Rica

June 2011

The Spanish company plans to use third party infrastructure to accelerate its entry into the market.

Mercedes Agüero journalist for La Nacion newspaper interviewed the highest ranking representative of the company in the country.

"There some issues such as base stations and microwave frequencies that are priorities. How could this affect the speed with which they want to deploy the network?

Costa Rica: Mobile Frequencies on Auction on January 7th

January 2011

Telecom superintendent Sutel informed this to Claro and Movistar after reviewing their technical and financial bids.

George Miley, head of Sutel, explained that the auction of the three frequencies will be conducted 15 days ahead of schedule.

Miley told “Both companies concluded the technical, financial and legal review.

Costa Rica: No Authorizations for Cell Towers

October 2010

Municipalities still have 2.000 pending applications for building towers.

Problems in issuing permits (just the municipality of Turrialba has 200 requests) have to do with the lack of knowledge on how to process such permits.

"The Government asked on Oct. 21st for representatives of local governments to support a general regulation for municipal procedures on telecommunications" publishes El Financiero on its web page.

Councils Seek to Charge for Right to Use Cellular Base Stations

August 2010

Costa Rican municipalities are analyzing how to charge for the commercial use of mobile telephony antennas.

Municipalities will study how to implement the charge from a legal and taxation point of view. To date it is not clear who would have to pay: the operator or the company that installs and leases the antenna.