Labour Market Expectations in III Quarter

8% of Panamanian companies expect to increase their payrolls, 85% do not foresee changes and 6% anticipate a reduction.

Monday, June 18, 2018

From a report by the ManpowerGroup:

Comparison by Region

In the 3rd quarter of 2018, growth in hiring intentions is foreseen in two regions, Panama City and the Central Provinces, both with a Net Employment Outlook of + 6%. Meanwhile, Colón and Occidente report trends of 0%.

Compared to the second quarter of 2018, employers in the Occidente report a decrease of 8 percentage points. The Trend for Central Provinces is 5 percentage points stronger, while hiring plans are unchanged in Panama City and remain relatively stable in Colón.

Comparison by Sector

Employers in the six sectors expect to increase their workforce in the next three months. The strongest hiring rhythm is expected in Agriculture, Fishing, Mining and Extraction with a Net Employment trend of + 10%. Moderate increases are expected in Communications & Transportation and Services with trends of + 5% and + 4%, respectively. On the other hand, modest hiring expectations are reported in two sectors with trends of + 3%, Construction and Manufacturing, while the weakest trend of + 2% is reported in Commerce.

Compared with the previous quarter, hiring plans improved in three sectors, the most noteworthy being Agriculture, Fishing - Mining & Extraction by 5 percentage points and by 4 percentage points Communications & Transportation. On the other hand, trends are weakening in three sectors, among them Services with a decrease of 9 percentage points.

See full report (in Spanish).

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Comparative by Region