Labor Shortages in ICT Sector in Panama

The speed with which the Panamanian economy is developing is demanding skilled labour which, at the moment, the country is unable to supply.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The lack of qualified people in the areas of technology, software development and telecommunications is one of the challenges facing Panama as a consequence of its economic growth.

An article in explains that "the IT sector in Panama consists mainly of the segments of software development, telecommunications, specialized services such as call centers and data centers which rely on the competitive advantages that the country has, but that does not mean that it can develop them alone. "

"There is still a border which must be crossed to promote technological growth, and industry experts believe that "the biggest problem is the lack of human talent. We need people. Universities need to prepare more competitive professionals," explained Gasper Tarté, vice president of Cable Onda to"

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