JC Penney May Buy More from Central America

The rising costs in China have caused companies like this north American firm to look once again towards the isthmus to buy their clothing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carlos Arias, president of the Committee on Textiles and Clothing (Vestex) of Guatemala, said during a forum at the latest Apparel Sourcing Show 2012, that JC Penney have indicated that their purchases from the isthmus will rise by 30%.

"They have been buying clothes from China, but costs have risen sharply and are now they are coming back", said Arias according to Prensalibre.com.

PVH, which sells clothing for Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Heritage Brands, is another company possibly interested in increasing its orders from Guatemala, the report said. "Companies are more interested in the country following the announcement, during the fair, that it is to generate employment in rural areas, it bodes well," Arias said.

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