Italian Construction Company Seeks Business in Nicaragua

TreviGroup will be visiting the country to meet with business leaders and government officials to evaluate business opportunities in the project of the Grand Canal and other construction areas.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TreviGroup construction company will meet with representatives of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP); the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction (CNC) and government officials in order to find out about and evaluate participating in the construction of the Grand Canal and other construction opportunities in the country. reports that "... Private sector sources reported that TreviGroup representatives will meet with the President of Cosep Jose Adan Aguerri ; Rodrigo Pereira, CNC representative, and the presidential delegate for investment, Alvaro Baltodano.TreviGroup will also have a booth at the VI EuroFeria, which opens on Thursday at a hotel in the capital. "

"... The company, founded in 1957, has branches in more than 80 countries and has participated in major projects such as the Three Gorges Dam in China; the expansion of the Panama Canal; Hasaki tunnel and bridge in Japan; the new Library of Alexandria in Egypt; and the Brazo Largo bridge over the Parana River in Argentina, among others. "

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September 2016

The union of private companies in Nicaragua will be promoting a meeting in the week of October 17 with Costa Rican business owners in order to explore new business opportunities.

The head of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) told ACAN EFE "... 'We have studied the main products lines being imported from Costa Rica, starting with clinker, which is a linchpin in the cement making process, and "concentrates for preparing soft drink syrups, etc.'."

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April 2015

Seven German companies are visiting the country to explore opportunities in sectors related to hydraulic engineering, energy, transportation, agricultural production and health.

A delegation of 10 representatives from seven German businesses will be staying for a week in the country to meet with various business chambers and look for investment opportunities in different sectors, including the project of the Grand Canal.

Private Sector Representatives in Grand Canal Project

November 2013

Business leaders will form part of the technical committee of advisers to the Grand Canal Megaproject in Nicaragua.  

Joseph Adam Aguerri, president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep) and Benjamin Lanzas, chief of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction were chosen by the board of Cosep as their representatives to the committee.

Nicaragua: Government and Businessmen Go To Europe

September 2013

On 10 November, a joint mission will travel abroad to promote foreign direct investment mainly from Germany, England and France.

General Alvaro "Baltodano said that although there are European investors in Nicaragua such as the Barceló Group, the cocoa producer Ritter Sports and the automotive component manufacturer Draexlmaier, the country needs to attract more investment as part of the benefits available under the AA with Central America", reported