Are social networks useful for companies?

Added to the small level of influence that social networks have on consumer purchasing decisions there is also the ever latent danger posed by situations where communication can seriously damage the company's image.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

According to a recent survey by Gallup Inc. published by The Wall Street Journal "... a clear majority of Americans say that social media has no effect on their purchasing decisions. Although a lot of companies are conducting aggressive marketing campaigns in social media, 62% of respondents in the U.S. say Facebook and Twitter, among other sites, have no influence on their decisions to buy products. "

The whirlwind surrounding social media communicators and the general public, often generates emotions that prevent a cold and careful analysis which businesses need to make regarding these forms of communication.

One example is an unfortunate comment made by the Head of Press of the Presidency of Costa Rica, who with a supposedly funny comment posted on her Twitter account about the former presidential candidate of the opposition National Liberation could have created a serious political conflict.

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"Users of the microblogging network do not represent real-world consumers ."

Although the network has now reached 230 million users, experts are warning that they are not a fair sample of the population to which companies want to target their advertising messages.

"Twitter is a place for people addicted to their digital devices, who are terribly worried about missing out on the latest tweet by Edward Snowden and are faithful believers that the world is interested in reading all of their publications.

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According to research by the consultancy Mintel, more than two thirds (66%) of social network users say they rarely pay attention to ads on these sites.

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