Investment in Public Transport Announced

The Municipality of Guatemala City reported that it plans to implement two new lines of the Transmetro service, which will involve bringing 28 stations into operation.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The mayor of the Guatemalan capital, Ricardo Quiñónez, explained to that " ... medium and long-term planning has been established, in relation to the Transmetro service, which includes the implementation of two new lines: 7, to zone 12, and 5, to zone 5."

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The authorities detailed that line 7 will depart from the Hippodrome del Norte, located in zone 2, and will end in zone 12 at the vicinity of the central campus of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala.

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The article adds that " ... line 5 includes a route that starts in the area of the residential complex Jardines de la Asunción, zone 5 of the capital, and will go to the Colón park, in zone 1."

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Public transport: $28 million investment

October 2018

The Government of Guatemala announced that it expects to invest next year in Line 7 of the Transmetro system, which will have a total fleet of 35 buses and 32 stations.

The Direction of Urban Mobility of the Guatemalan Government presented a $28 million estimate for the project to implement the Transmetro route that will cover from the Mariano Galvez University in zone 2 to the University of San Carlos in zone 12, which will cross the Peripherical.

Nicaragua Approves 2016 State Budget

December 2015

23% of the approved budget for 2016 will go to the Public Investment Program, which includes infrastructure projects such as hospitals, roads and rural electrification.

The 2016 budget is 14% higher than in 2015, and of the total, 23% of resources will be focused on public investments.

Honduran Transmetro To be Tendered in September

May 2011

Backed by $30 million from the BID, September will see the beginning of the bidding process for the urban transport system in the Honduran capital.

The Transmetro project consists of installing a dedicated line along which a two-car articulated bus will run.

The first stage of the project will include a 9 km tract from the National Stadium to the Colina Kennedy passing through the through Central American Boulevard.

Transmetro Project Begins in Honduras

December 2010

City officials started developing the project which must be completed by 2013.

Recently, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $ 30 million loan for the transport system.

"The new project consists of installing a dedicated line of hydraulic concrete where two conventional buses will circulate, capable of transporting up to 120 people in each unit." reports, "The artery will be built either through the boulevard or within the road network already in place, with stations and single access points as well as a payment system consisting of a rechargeable digital electronic card."