Investment in Clean Energy Slowing Down?

The fall in oil prices has reversed the cost equation which previously favored investment in renewable energy.

Monday, February 2, 2015


The effect of the price of a barrel of oil falling below $50 is now being felt in the decisions which must be taken by energy buyers and regulatory officials in the electricity markets. The thing is that -suddenly - electricity produced using hydrocarbons may cost less than energy from solar power, and even hydroelectricity. Only the existence of long-term contracts justifies carrying on buying electricity based on renewable resources.

But investment decisions are being revised, based on forecasts of developments in the coming years in the oil industry, estimates of global reserves in deposits, and development of new techniques for exploitation.

In Central America, as well as in the rest of the world, investors, up until last year favored backing renewable energy. What will happen from now on depends on so many factors that it is impossible to speculate either way. What is indisputable is the need for investors to check the viability of clean energy projects, and governments to rethink their policies.

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Costa Rica: The Luxury of Misery

January 2018

With 19% endemic poverty, 10% open unemployment and 40% informal employment, and some of the highest electricity rates in the region, Costa Rica is opposed to $1 billion in clean energy investments.


By Jorge Cobas González

Wind Power: More Supply than Needed

April 2016

In Costa Rica, 19 projects were selected as "eligible" by the state run power company, but the same institution has ruled out opening new competitions to purchase more wind-generated power.


Investment in alternative energy is risky, because it depends on uncontrollable external factors such as unpredictable weather variations, which have particular effects on hydraulics, solar and wind power.

El Salvador: No to Coal and Bunker in La Union

August 2012

The Municipality of La Union will only allow the installation of plants generating renewable energy, and will definitely prohibit power plants based on coal and bunker fuel.

The mayor, Ezekiel Milla, said that they will not prevent energy investments provided that they are in compliance with all requirements of the Ministries of Environment and Economy.

Clean Energy Investors Arrive

February 2012

Officials are awaiting the arrival of businessmen from England, Spain and Brazil who are interested in investing in projects that generate clean energy in Honduras.

Honduras is expecting the soon arrival of businessmen from England, Spain and Brazil who are interested in investing in clean energy generation, said the coordinator of Expo Energy and the Energy Advisor for Private Enterprise in the country, Hector Turcios.