Investigation in Dumping of Chinese Zinc Sheets

A Guatemalan corrugated steel manufacturer has pointed out that zinc sheets imported from China are being sold at prices below the cost of sales at origin.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A drop in sales, shutdown of equipment and staff layoffs are the causes of the alleged dumping in the corrugated steel market, concludes a preliminary investigation conducted by the Ministry of Economy (Mineco) in response to a complaint lodged by the manufacturer Ternium.

"With the opening of the formal investigation, the Mineco will have to check price changes in Asia and in the sales inside the country.

"The dumping, according Mineco has also impacted the volume of sales for businesses such as Galcasa and Galnaza."

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Guatemala: Unable to prove chinese steel dumping

June 2015

In an investigation by the Ministry of Economy no evidence was found of damage to local businesses caused by steel imports from China.

It was resolved "... Not to impose anti-dumping measures on imports of galvanized steel under investigation, given that an affirmative determination of injury and causal relationship was not proven. "

Guatemala: Chinese Iron Rod Dumping Denounced

June 2014

Two companies in the sector have reported dumping of iron rods from China and are asking the government for temporary safeguards to be put on imports.

The companies Corporación Aceros de Guatemala (AG) and Aceros Suárez (ASSA) asked the Ministry of Finance to stop the importation of iron rods from China alleging unfair practices with prices of the material in the local market.

Chinese Steel Imports Must Be Reported

March 2014

The measure adopted by the government of Guatemala is part of an investigation into dumping on imports of zinc sheets from China.

From March 17 all steel import operations from China must be reported to the Ministry of Economy using an electronic form.

"Sergio de la Torre, Minister of Economy, said that based on this information a data traceability procedure will be performed concerning the costs of importing and marketing of the sheets, both in China and Guatemala."

Complaint Over Flour Dumping Dismissed

September 2012

The Ministry of Economy of El Salvador has refused to impose antidumping duties on imports of wheat flour from Honduras.

A statement from the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador reads:

The Ministry of Finance informed that it has dismissed the complaint filed by the company MOLSA against the Honduran flour company UNIMERC, on alleged dumping of exports of wheat flour to El Salvador.