"Invest in Guatemala" to be Reactivated

There are conflicting opinions on the proposal put forward by the Morales administration to reactivate the agency for promoting foreign investment.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

In the view of some business representatives the idea of ​​going back to giving resources to the agency and developing a strategy for promoting foreign investment would have to be analyzed in the light of the results achieved previously, and those which up to now have been made by entities such as the union of exporters.

According to the president of the Coordinating Committee on Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Activities (CACIF), José González Campo, "... the private sector will support and provide money for any effort to improve productivity and competitiveness. But he recalled that this is the responsibility of the public sector that it must face up to it. In this sense Paiz believes that in the case of Agexport, they take on a lot of responsibilities which in other countries are covered by the public sector. But he said Invest In should be recuperated within or outside of Proguate. "

Elperiodico.com.gt reports that "...In the view of the former Minister of Economy Erick Coyoy there needs to be an assessment of the real impact that the institution has had and think about whether it would be better direct those resources to strengthening the network of commercial attaches. 'The commercial attache can play an important role in promoting investment and tourism among potential investors. And I think that work is more effective if done abroad'. "

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