Intervention to Streamline Environmental Procedures

In order to resolve the problem of delays in approving environmental impact permits, in Costa Rica industrial sector employers support a proposal for the National Technical Secretariat to intervene.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Arguing that "it affects them negatively", the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica (ICRC), supports the intervention of the National Technical Secretariat (Setena) requested last Wednesday by the Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC).

Francisco Gamboa, director of the ICRC, told that " ... Setena has been an entity widely mentioned by companies as an organization that does not show agility, speed, or simplicity in the procedures it is responsible for."

The article adds that " ...The intervention requested includes 3 stages and the PUSC has established a period of compliance for each of them:  
1. Within 10 days, give a report on the number of pending files to be resolved and their situation, in order to determine the extent of the backlog.  
2. Within 15 days, draw up a list with the names of those responsible for the most important points of the permitting procedure and establish sanctions in case of omission.  
Within 2 months to have resolved the backlog in the granting of permits."

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