International Tender: Ultrasound Equipment

In Honduras the supply of mobile and fixed ultrasound equipment for family health teams and Health Managers is tendered, the contract must include training services for users.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Honduras Government Purchase AEPAS-H-4619-LPI-006-2021:

"Shall be installed and commissioned confirmed by local clinical authority. User training in operation and preventive maintenance shall be provided with a frequency of at least 2 visits per year.

The hard disk storage shall be a minimum of 128 Gb capacity. Monitor: Liquid crystal or LED based technology. Display: At least 15 inches, color, contrast and brightness adjustable. Grayscale: Minimum 256 levels. Active transducer connection: At least two (2). Transducer brackets: At least two (2). Keyboard: Alphanumeric with backlight and trackball integrated to the equipment. Image display modes: At least B, 2B, 4B, B+M, Motion, PW-Doppler (pulsed wave).

-Programs in Spanish.
-With software upgrade capability

Modules: Integrated measurement and calculation (distances, circumferences, areas, volume, among others) for at least the following types of study:

Deadline for receipt of bids: June 28, 2021.

See tender.

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