International Tender: Public Transport System

In Honduras, the construction of underground tunnels and the station of the public transport system BTR of Tegucigalpa city is tendered.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Honduras Government Purchase BRT-250-LPI-O-AMDC-BID-OFID-02-19:

"Construction of the BTR system:

Lot 1: Metropolis Tower Underground Pedestrian Tunnel - Emisoras Unidas (Section 3) and Tegucigalpa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Underground Pedestrian Tunnel - Hondutel (Section 2).
Lot 2: Underground Pedestrian Tunnel Hospital Escuela - URLA (Section 1).
Lot 3: IHMA Stop Station (Section 2)."

Deadline for receipt of tenders: September 18, 2019.

See tender.

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Another Attempt to Build a Metro

November 2018

In Guatemala, it is proposed to develop an underground metro that would connect in its initial phase the municipality of Mixco with Zone 15 of the capital and would require a $700 million investment.

The new project proposed is in addition to the several proposals and attempts that have been made to implement a mass transportation system in the metropolitan area of Guatemala, which resolves at once the serious problem of road congestion affecting the capital. Thus, in addition to the Metro Riel project and the urban cable cars between Mixco, Villa Nueva and the capital, a new initiative has now been added to build an underground train.

Tender: Infrastructure for Public Transport

January 2018

The Municipal Office of the Central District of Honduras is putting out to tender construction of a parking lot, administrative building, workshop and complementary buildings in the BTR system.

Honduras Government Purchase BRT-232-LPI-O-AMDC-IDB-OFID-01-17:

El Salvador: Demand for Public Transportation Reform

March 2011

Businessmen are concerned with impunity in the public transportation system and are requesting for the government to enforce the Law without exceptions.

Press release from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador:

Monday March 7, 2011

Chamber requests a comprehensive reform in public transportation

Costa Rica to Unveil Public Transportation Plan in April

February 2011

The draft plan incorporates inter-sector buses (known as interlining) and promotion of the metropolitan electric train.

The planned investment in the metropolitan electric train project (TREM) would be about $ 1,100 million over the first eight years.

"Within a decade the population grew at an average of 15% while the number of vehicles doubled...The government wants to encourage the train," stated to Carlos Contreras from the Ministry's Division of Transportation.