International Tender: IT Equipment

The Secretariat of Security of Honduras tenders the supply of IT equipment for the Tutoring Unit and for the Police Headquarters located in La Puerta in San Pedro Sula, Las Vegas in Santa Barbara, Tela in Atlantida and Olanchito in Yoro.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Government of Honduras Purchase PCCMB-366-LPI-B-2021:

"Equipment required:

-Desktop computers
-Laptop computers
-Wireless access points
-Memory sticks
-Hard disks
-Batteries for lap top."

Deadline for receipt of bids: July 12, 2021.

See tender.

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Tender for Laptops

May 2018

In Honduras, a tender is being launched for the supply of 779 laptops, with a 12-month guarantee, for schools in different areas of the country.

Honduras Government Purchase LPI 002 SSIS BID 3371 2018 SEPA 425:

"Some characteristics of the equipment required:

Tender: $13 million Computer Equipment

March 2018

The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers is putting out to tender the operative lease of computer equipment, under the format of according to demand.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2018LN-000003-PRI:

"Some of the equipment required:

Tendering: Computer Equipment

September 2017

The Ministry of Security in Honduras is putting out to supply computer equipment to develop an integrated network of ballistic registration and police records office.

Honduras Government Purchase LPN-SS-EUROJUSTICIA-008-2017:

"Acquisition of Computer Equipment for the Development of Tools: Integrated Information Network (RII), Ballistic Record and Police Background Check Office.

Tender For Computers

July 2012

The Central Bank of Honduras is putting out to tender the supply of computer equipment to use in the Payments System.

Within the equipment to be tendered is:

Thirty (30) Desktop Computers,
Sixteen (16) Scanners
Twelve (12) Video Projection units
Six (6) Servers,
Three (3) Dot Matrix Printers,

Government Procurement
Opportunities in the region

bid deadline

Mar 23
Mar 23
Mar 23
Mar 23
Mar 23
Mar 23
Mar 23