International Tender: Electrical Works in Honduras

Empresa Nacional de Energía Electrica bids for the construction of transmission lines and the expansion of electrical substations.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Honduran Government Purchase ENEE-59-LPI-O-:

"Batch 1:

The bidder for this lot shall include, but not limited to the following:

A. Construction of a 138 Kv single ternary transmission line between the Miraflores-Laínez electrical substations.

The design, supply, installation, transfer to the project site, civil works, testing, commissioning, signaling, temporary works, spare parts, start-up and others required; for the construction of the transmission line to be built in public right-of-way, with a length of approximately 4. 0 kilometers, in simple 3 parts for a complete circuit in 138kV, in flag or vertical type structures in self-supported metallic posts, an aluminum conductor ACSR 795MCM will be installed per phase, the dress will be with rigid insulators of siliconized rubber for suspension and finishing structures, the aerial shielding will be with an OPGW fiber optic cable guard wire of 36 fibers, for the installation of the cable F. O. includes the junction box, fusions and metric reflector tests, supply of balls, danger signaling signs in each structure, installation of landing system for each of the metal pole structures, staking and topographic survey of the line route selected by ENEE, soil study, foundations for each of the suspension and finishing structures in self-supporting metal poles, repair of existing installations, and cleaning.

B. Expansion of the Miraflores 138/13.8 Kv, 50 MVA electrical substation.

The Miraflores substation is currently built with a TAP arrangement on the 138kV side, which connects the current 138/13.8kV power transformer; on the 13.8kV side there is a main bus arrangement with six (6) power feeders at 13.8kV.

The scope of the project includes: Design, Fabrication, Supply, Transfer, Labor, Electromechanical Equipment, civil works, testing, commissioning, disassembly and disconnection of all equipment on the 138kV side of the current arrangement to build a ring for four feeders on the 138kV side and connect the existing lines coming from the Suyapa substation (L-553), La Canada substation (L-553), new line from Laínez substation and the connection of a new 138/13. 8kV of 50 MVA, and two power feeders in 13.8kV to connect the relocation of the distribution line output circuits in the area where the expansion will be made.

C. Lainez 138/13.8 Kv, 50 MVA electrical substation expansion.

Actually the Laínez substation is built with a main busbar arrangement on 69 kV side, which connects four feeders, two for transmission line and two to feed two 69/13.8kV power transformers of 25 MVA each; on the 13.8kV side there is a main busbar arrangement with six (6) feeders in 13.8kV each group of two feeders is linked through three-pole disconnections.

The scope of work consists of: Design, Fabrication, Supply, Relocation, Labor, Electromechanical Equipment, civil works, testing, commissioning; for the installation of a new power transformer and a power feeder for connection to the new 138kV line coming from the Miraflores substation.

Batch 2:

The bidder for this lot shall include, but not be limited to the following:

A. Electrical substation construction of El Centro electrical substation 138/13.8 KV, 50 MVA.

The Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Relocation, Labor, Electromechanical Equipment, civil works, testing, and commissioning; for the construction of a new electrical substation called El Centro substation, which will be built with a radial arrangement on the 138kV side, to connect the new line coming from the Bellavista substation, and connect the new 138/13.8KV 50MVA distribution power transformer, on the 13.8kV side a Metal Clad type board will be installed."

Deadline for receipt of bids: April 13, 2021.

See tender.

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