International Advertising Campaign

International public tender to contract communications services and advertising campaign for the Energy Efficiency Education Program through radio and television spots, social media management.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Honduras Government Purchase LED-PEEE-036-LPI-S:

"The Government of Honduras through the Secretariat of State in the Office of Energy (SEN) and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) under the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), carries out an international public bidding to contract communications services and advertising campaign of the Energy Efficiency Education Program, through the IDB Project Management Unit.

The aforementioned authorities signed a Letter of Agreement to contribute to the rational and efficient use of energy through the introduction of LED lighting technologies.

The LED bulbs were purchased by the Government of the Republic of China (TAIWAN), under its procurement and purchase regulations. The donor sent on behalf of ENEE this donation in kind, which was made in 2 batches, in the first batch they delivered 2,880,000 LED bulbs of 7 and 9 W. In the second batch they delivered 1,555,920 LED bulbs of 7 and 9 W. The missing one million bulbs will be purchased with funds from the Republic of China (Taiwan) through International Public Bidding.

Some of the communication services and advertising campaign are the following, with delivery deadlines after the contract is signed:

* Creative Concept, Work Plan and Schedule of Activities, delivery deadline 10 days.

* Production script for radio spots, graphic line for written press and social networks, radio and written press media plan and production of promotions, with a delivery term of 35 days.

* TV production script and TV media plan, delivery within 35 days.

* Division of radio spots, social networks, web page and written press with a three-month duration. Social media management, digital strategy and community manager, with 55 to 130 days after signing the contract.

* Broadcasting of television spots with a duration of three months, 35 to 115 days after the contract is signed.

For more information, access the tender."

Deadline to submit bids: December 20, 2021.

See tender.

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