Insurance Contract Law Comes into Effect

As published in the Official Gazette, Law No. 8956 Regulating the Insurance Contract is applicable on policies taken out from today.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Among the new features of the new, approved by the Legislative Assembly on 2 June, are the updates of what is considered insurable interest, the minimum amount of fees, definition and general aspects of the premiums.

"With this new legislation, a classification of insurance type (damage, fire, transportation, liability, etc.) has been established and conditions defined for life insurance" writes Sergio Morales writes in his article in

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Panama Boosts Reinsurance Market

September 2014

The Superintendent of Insurance is preparing a bill to promote market development by encouraging the installation of foreign reinsurance companies in the country.

The bill, still in draft form, aims to attract major reinsurance companies to the country and use the market already operating in the country as a platform.

Panama: Insurance Companies to Pay More

October 2011

The annual supervision and regulation rate will increase from $2500 to $50 000 for insurance companies and $75 000 for reinsurers.

The new insurance and reinsurance law brings with it several changes, among which is an increase in the rate charged by the Superintendency for overseeing businesses that offer insurance in the country.

New Rules for Insurance Companies in Costa Rica

June 2011

The new law regarding the regulation of insurance contracts (Ley Reguladora del Contrato de Seguros) regulates policy contracts and establishes rights and obligations for insurers and consumers.

"Among the new features of this law are the updates of what is considered insurable interest, the minimum amount of contributions, definitions and general aspects of the premiums", reported Sergio Morales Chavarria in his article in

Guatemalan Insurers Demand Law

March 2010

During the Central American Insurers Congress they requested the Legislative to pass the Insurance Activity Law.

The law currently in effect dates from 1966. A reform was submitted to Congress by the Guatemalan Association of Insurance Institutions.

Enrique Rodríguez, president of the Association, told