Insecurity for Investments in Comalapa

Tenants of commercial property at the international airport have announced they will not make investments until the government states whether it will renew contracts and maintain rent costs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The lack of concrete answers from the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) could endanger new investment of at least 84 tenants operating in the El Salvador International Airport, reported The businesses are in the food, crafts and duty free shopping sectors.

"... Most leases in these premises expire on December 31 this year, so many owners do not want to make any investment in their premises or hire more staff, because they have no idea if their contracts will be renewed or if the lease payments will rise or fall. Companies also want to know what is being planned in terms of trade matters in respect to the construction of four waiting rooms which are to be expanded in the terminal".

"... Since March 2015 the Association of Concessionaires of Ports and Airports of El Salvador has been asking for a meeting with the general manager of the autonomous Emeritus Velasquez, to explain to them what the plans are in the commercial area, but they have not yet received a response. Tenants have not been able to get a meeting even with the airport authorities to find out about the projects the CEPA has. "

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El Salvador: Tenders for Stores in International Airport

February 2013

As part of a new trade policy plans are underway to convert Comalapa International Airport into a "shopping mall" with duty free shopping, dining areas and entertainment.

According to an article in Alberto Arene, head of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA by its initials in Spanish), said that the awards for concessions of such establishments will be held under a "very competitive international bidding process."

Store Concessions in El Salvador International Airport

February 2013

The current leases for retail spaces will not be extended, and it has been confirmed that they will now be offered in concession for 10 years.

The current leases for retail spaces will not be extended, and it has been confirmed that they will now be offered in concession for 10 years.

Airport Rennovation: "Either the Government Does It Or I Will"

June 2012

Roberto Kriete has announced that that the renovation of the El Salvador International Airport, one way or another, will be carried out within a maximum period of three years.

The chairman of the board of AviancaTaca told that Comalapa airport needs not only improvements, but a complete update according to a master plan designed by Aéroports de Paris.

Works at Salvadoran Airport Begin

January 2011

The refurbishment of the terrace of El Salvador International Airport marks the beginning of an expansion process for the entire terminal.

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) will begin the refurbishment of the terrace during the first quarter of this year.

"CEPA hopes to make the place more attractive by building seven shops, set benches for visitors and cover the ceiling with a glass material which allows sighting of aircrafts,” informed