Insecurity Affecting Productivity of Sugar Sector

Added to the production costs assumed by Salvadoran sugarcane growers during the harvest is expenditure to be made on private security and support for the police to prevent theft and extortion.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sugarcane growers have allocated a budget for additional security costs which must be assumed due to increased threats and extortion by criminals.

Mario Salaverría, president of the Sugar Association of El Salvador, told that "... We make investments, it is as a counterpart, the police put up the items and weapons, we support them with mobilization, food and a place to set up. " "... In addition to these costs, we have to invest in private security for the mills and producers. The criminal scourge in the sector ranges from harassment of machete workers to large cane growers. "

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Sugar: Optimism for 2019-2020 Harvest

October 2019

In El Salvador, the union of sugarcane growers estimates that for the 2019-2020 harvest will be produced about 17 million quintals, a volume that would be 15% higher than that recorded in the previous cycle.

The Sugar Association of El Salvador projects that between the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 harvests, 2.2 million more quintals will be harvested, going from 14.8 million to 17 million quintals.

Sugarcane Growers Want Part of Energy Revenues

August 2015

Producers of sugarcane in El Salvador have proposed amending the regulations so that they can receive part of the revenue generated by the mills from the sale of surplus energy produced.

The union of producers stated that the practice of producers receiving revenues generated by the mills from energy production using sugarcane is very common in other countries.

El Salvador: Reduced Sugar Harvest

April 2014

Projected production for the period 2013-2014 will be 5% lower than the previous harvest, which reached 16.7 million quintals.

Moisture problems that have affected crops reduced total sugar production to a lower level than initially projected by producers.

"We have had excess moisture, which has not allowed the sugar cane to concentrate efficiently," said Mario Salaverría to

Salvadoran Sugar Production Down 10%

March 2011

The current harvest will yield an approximate 12.5 million quintals of sugar.

The sector had estimated a total production of 13.75 million quintals but the lower results are due to climate factors.

The president of the Sugar Association of El Salvador, Mario Ernesto Salaverria, told that "...