Initiative to Improve Customs Procedures

In El Salvador a proposal has been made to create "pre-check" posts where goods are verified and permissions granted, so that when they arrive at customs most of the process has already been done.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The idea of ​​the General Customs Directorate (DGA) comes after a host of criticisms from the export sector, which for years has complained about the slow pace in completing formalities at customs posts.

"... The head of the department, Carlos Cativo, said "... the proposal is to create more so called 'pre-check' facilities so that when you arrive at the office everything has been paid, the permits are ready and any paperwork has already been dealt with." reports that "... According to Cativo, these posts are already operating in 17 zones and are available to 171 users. Together, these zones generate 33% of exports. Therefore, the DGA believes it can use at least four bonded warehouses as places where paperwork is done in advance. The timeframes can be reduced by up to 15 minutes if the person arrives with their papers already processed. "

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La Hachadura Customs Post Open 24/7

April 2017

It has been announced that the service for processing foreign trade procedures between the customs posts Pedro de Alvarado and La Hachadura is to operate 24 hours a day.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy of Guatemala:

The export processing service between the customs posts Pedro de Alvarado and La Hachadura will operate continuously 24 hours a day as a result of pilot plan agreed between the authorities in Guatemala and El Salvador which aims to guarantee customs operations.

El Salvador and the Never Ending Problems with Customs

March 2017

Complaints have been made about an increase in the number of companies whose goods are subject to physical inspection, which is causing delays of several days when clearing customs.

From a statement issued by the Intergremial Commission for Trade Facilitation (CIFACIL) of El Salvador: 

Customs Offices in Costa Rica: A Thorn in its Side

November 2014

Exporters claim that the lack of staff at border posts at certain times of the day is slowing the processes for customs clearance, security and sanitation issues.

Lack of staff and lack of coordination in the timetables for services provided to carriers are the main causes of the constant delays faced by companies that transport goods from Costa Rica to Central America.

More Bureaucracy to "Help" Companies

September 2014

The Ministry of Foreign Trade in Costa Rica has created a new unit to "support local companies engaged in exports or who have the potential to do so."


The question that immediately arises is how this "support" to companies with export potential will be given since it is already well established that official "consultants" who populate the offices of the new unit, do not know how "to be entrepreneurs," but merely how to receive their salaries on time every month, regardless of the fate of companies that they "support":