Industrialists Against Ban on Plastic Use

In El Salvador, the industrialists' guild asked the Legislative Assembly to be taken into account in the discussion on the prohibition of plastic in the country, since they believe it is convenient to regulate its use, but not to restrict it.

Friday, July 19, 2019

After in October 2018, a bill was presented to the Legislative Assembly (still under discussion) that establishes a one-year deadline for companies to replace the use of plastic bags by articles of other materials, directors of the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), ask to be taken into account in the process.

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Eduardo Cáder, president of the ASI, told that "... the guild considers it good that 'there is some form of regulation', but considered it delicate to speak of prohibition. I believe that regulation is good for this industry to be considered scrupulous with the environment and it is important to mention that those who have taken the different initiatives to the negotiating table, within the Legislative Assembly, should inform themselves a little more or, in due course, summon us to listen to our opinion."

Cáder added that "... the solution must integrate both the participation of the government and municipalities, as well as education to Salvadorans for better management of solid waste, moving from a linear economy, in which a product is bought, consumed and discarded, to a circular economy, where the basis is recycling. That is what we want, and what we would like to consider in depth at the table where the laws are discussed."

CentralAmericaData's reports state that during 2018, El Salvador's foreign purchases of plastic and its manufactures totaled $664 million, 7% more than the previous year.

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The initiative now only awaits the approval of the Executive Branch. The Legislative Plenary approved on October 31 in its second debate, file 20.985 Law to combat pollution by plastic to protect the environment, which among other things prohibits the marketing and free delivery of plastic straws for single use throughout the national territory, reported the Legislative Assembly.

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