Industrial Park Project at Mexico Border

An industrial area on the border between Guatemala and Mexico could have an initial investment of $10 million and would be developed in an area of ​​55 hectares.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Ministry of Economy (Mineco) is proposing the construction of an industrial park or industrial operations on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, considering that the project could be implemented through a public-private partnership.

"The idea is that the Mexican railroad would enter the industrial park. The land is already acquired and some Mexican entrepreneurs are interested in allying with the Guatemalan government in order to build the work, which, for now, is in a pre-project phase, " said the minister, Sergio de la Torre.

According to the official, both nations are committed to resolving the border problems, and to find the most viable ways to increase bilateral trade at the border of Tecum Uman and Chiapas.

The director of the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala (CIG), Javier Zepeda, said this is one of the works to be presented to foreign entrepreneurs who will be present on the 30 and 31 May at the investment forum "Investment Summit 2013".

Manuel Arturo Soto, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Guatemalan Mexican (Camex), said that this is the kind of project that should be promoted between the two countries.

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Agreement on Logistics Terminal in Tecun Uman

December 2016

The project to build an intermodal "dry port" on the Guatemala-Mexico border, which has been valued at $40 million, will be developed through a public-private partnership.

Through an agreement between the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) and the National Agency on Partnerships for Economic Infrastructure Development (ANADIE) will a plan will be developed to carry out the project to build an Intermodal Dry Port in Tecun Uman which will be developed under a public-private partnership scheme.

More Public-Private Partnerships

September 2014

Greater integration between the State and the business sector is essential to exploit the opportunities offered by the region's investment projects.

During the World Business Forum Latin America 2014, held in Guatemala, entrepreneurs from different sectors pointed to the need for increased connectivity and commercial traffic between South America and Central America, in order to take better advantage of investment opportunities in each of the countries, through the use of public-private partnerships.

Union of Chambers of Commerce of Mexico and Central America

April 2013

The Union of Central American Bi-National Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Mexican Investment has been formally established.

Ucabicimex is "formed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica - Mexico (Cicomex), the Salvadoran - Mexican Trade (Chamber Casalmex), the Guatemalan - Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEX), the Honduras - Mexico Enterprise Chamber ( CEHM), the Mexico - Costa Rica Enterprise Chamber (Camexcr), the Mexico - El Salvador Enterprise Chamber (Camexsal), the Mexico - Nicaraguan Enterprise Chamber (Camenic) and the Mexico - Panama Chamber of Commerce (Camexpa) ", reported

Major Investment Projects in Guatemala

January 2013

Railways, an industrial park, port terminals, and roads are concrete investment projects that will be presented during the next Guatemala Investment Summit 2013.

The National Alliance for the Development of Economic Infrastructure (ANADIE by its initials in Spanish) is preparing a series of infrastructure projects that will be presented during the 2013-Guatemala Investment Summit organized by the Chamber of Industry (CIG by its initials in Spanish) for next May, with the expectation of attracting over U.S. $1.3 billion in investments this year.