Indian IT Out to Conquer Latin America

The growing Latin American potential for consumption of IT services is attracting information technology companies from India.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An article in states that "An increasing number of Indian technology companies are expanding in the emerging markets of Latin America, in an attempt to reduce their excessive dependence on the already saturated markets of the United States and Europe ".

The market intelligence firm IDC notes that Latin American IT services amounted to $24 billion in 2011 and is on track to grow by 10.8% a year over the next four years.

According to IDC, Latin America represents an untapped market of $40 billion. There has been a rapid increase in IT spending in Latin America in the last ten years, and the entire IT ecosystem of the region has been transformed with increased spending on emerging technologies like cloud computing, social media, mobility and large volumes of data.

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Agenda for ICT Development in El Salvador

May 2013

It is vital for the nation's economy that an agenda on Information and Communication Technologies be developed, accompanied by the relevant legislation.

Peter Argumedo, senior researcher at Fusades called for swift approval in the Legislative Assembly of the draft laws related to computer security, in order to promote an investment climate.

Advances in Technology Use in Panama

April 2013

Investments by Panama are resulting in it being positioned next to Chile in the 2013 Information Technology ranking by the World Economic Forum.

The availability of free internet nationwide in 'infoplazas', the provision of computers with Internet access to schools and the implementation of e-government, has allowed Panama to advance its use of new technologies in Latin America.

Guatemala Inaugurates Technology Campus

July 2010

This project will bring together several IT companies based in Guatemala.

It is located in the capital city and will feature three 7-storey buildings. The first of these will house 18 information technology companies.

“The complex will also house offices from the software and telecom departments of the country’s universities and colleges affiliated to the Guatemalan Exporters’ Association (AGEXPORT)”, reported Globedia.

Güegüe opens IT Educational Center in Nicaragua

November 2008

Güegüe Education, leading provider of certified education in Information Technology (IT), announced that it will open a new IT Educational Center

The plan was developed by the Danish company, Xcompetence and Güegüe, "we are proud to achieve this result, for which we have worked for during the last year. We will share the experience with Xcompetence, Denmark," said Kate Holmstrup, Chief Executive Officer for Xcompetence.