India Trade Mission to Costa Rica

On August 11th and 12th 10 Indian companies will be exhibiting their products to local companies interested in forging business alliances.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The participating companies are mostly in the sectors of textiles, clothing for both children and women as nightwear, sheets and all types of fabrics and textiles.

The Indian companies that will be taking part in the event organized by the Chamber of Importers on August 11 are Bhumi International, Manjeet Engg Works, Sun World Trade Linkers, Naresh Enterprises and Tanindera International, while on Wednesday 12 those taking part are Juvan Jyoti Over Seas, Multi Trade Impex, R.S. International, Greezly Enterprises and Rahul Handicraft

Other companies will be exhibiting products such as jewelry, trinkets and materials for making jewelry.

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Indian Investments in Panama

November 2017

Indian businessmen visualize Panama as a potential distribution center for products and services for companies in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and services industries.

Indian businessmen visiting Panama as part of a trade mission met with their Panamanian counterparts to identify business opportunities in industries related to manufacturing, pharmaceutical, ceramics, transportation, energy, textile and chemical mineral products. 

Textiles in Guatemala: Business with China

May 2017

Companies in the Asian country are looking to provide Guatemalan textile workers with accessories, threads and synthetic fabrics with finishes.

Textile companies in Guatemala envisage the possibility of generating more value in their supply chain with products that can be provided by Chinese companies that specialize in accessories and other necessary inputs for the textile production chain.

Costa Rica: Trade Mission to Israel

September 2015

A trade mission is being prepared for the first half of 2016 for Costa Rican companies interested in exploring business opportunities in Israel.

The business trip is being organized by the Chamber of Importers of Costa Rica and the Israeli Embassy in Costa Rica, and aims to analyze potential business opportunities between the two economies.

Hindu Textile Businesses Seek Partners in Guatemala

August 2012

Next Friday and Saturday 24th and 25th August a mission of businessmen from the Indian textile industry will be looking for investment opportunities and partnerships with Guatemalan companies.

According to information from the Indian Embassy in Guatemala, the meeting will take place on Friday at the Hall of the Hotel Camino Real Vega, Area 10. Buying and selling negotiation rounds will be held at the event.