Increase in Productivity and Human Talent

The difficulties in identifying staff training needs and the lack of a clear relationship between new employee skills and incentives diminishes the possibility of achieving company goals.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

According to the Deloitte 2019 Global Study of Human Capital Trends, in which more than 9,400 business leaders from around the world participated, including 261 from Costa Rica, the learning of business staff is the most relevant trend.

Cristina Cubero, Consulting Director of Deloitte Central America and Dominican Republic, explained to that "... in Costa Rica more than 35% of organizations fail to identify training needs, according to business goals and objectives."

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Cubero added that "... 92 % of the leaders consider that learning is extremely important to generate commitment among their collaborators but: We do not reward the acquisition of new knowledge, skills. This year, 58% of companies admit that there is no clear relationship between new skills and incentives."

The need to invest wisely in staff training emerges from the fact that one of the main conclusions of the study conducted is that the digital and technological reinvention of companies must focus on the human factor.

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Regarding the new techniques used to recruit personnel, weeks ago CentralAmericaData reported that the collection of information provided by social networks and augmented reality games are some of the techniques used by companies in Costa Rica to attract new talent or evaluate teams already working in the companies. See "Human Resources: Processes evolve".

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