Incentives for Recycling Companies

In Panama, a bill that establishes exemptions for those natural and legal persons specialized in the operation of industrial recycling plants was approved in the third debate.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The purpose of this new regulatory framework is to stimulate with environmental tax benefits the establishment of recycling companies, which do not exist in Panama, seen as an ideal process to end the problem of garbage accumulation in the country, informed the National Assembly.

Considering that there is a commitment to legislate for the environment, the plenary session made viable, in third debate, Bill # 537, which establishes environmental incentives, proposed by Congressman Edison Broce, according to the official press release.

Bill 537 establishes exonerations for those natural and juridical persons specialized in the operation of industrial recycling plants, as a mechanism to solve the garbage problem in Panama, the document highlights.

Broce added that "... when the regulation materializes, it will generate millions of dollars, jobs, investment and training for thousands of Panamanians in such difficult times where unemployment is very high. At present there are no garbage recycling companies in Panama. It is necessary to differentiate between a collection center for recyclable material and a recycling industry, whose job is to transform the disposable into new products."

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Recycling: $1 Billion Investment Announced

February 2020

In Guatemala, the government announced that in the next two years it plans to build a plastic waste recycling plant that would produce electricity, and the investment would be financed by donations.

The Ministry of Economy (Mineco) is focused on identifying within the metropolitan area which is the most suitable area for the installation of the plant and the plan is that it will start operating within two years.

Funding for PET Recycling Plant

December 2012

Total P.E.T. Packaging has obtained a loan for $8.5 million from Banco Nacional for the New World Recycle company, which will build a PET recycling plant in the province of Cartago.

A statement from Total P.E.T. packaging reads:

Banco Nacional and New World Recycle sign loan agreement to build a PET bottle to bottle recycling plant

$20 Million Recycling Facility in Panama

July 2009

The Mayor of Bugaba indicated that they are meeting with a U.S. company interested in the construction of the facility.

The company would develop a recycling plan for electric energy generation waste.

"Such project aims to solve some of the garbage collection problems that have affected this community for more than ten years", said Bugaba Mayor Joaquín Castillo Córdoba, in a article.

Russia to Invest in Garbage Recycling Plant in Nicaragua

May 2009

The garbage recycling plant would be installed in the Chureca municipal landfill.

The project is under study and it could be implemented within a period of three months.

Journalist Anne Perez wrote for "The idea shared with us (by the Russian government) is to install a plant that recycles waste and it is something apart from the project that the Spanish Cooperation (in the neighborhood Acahualinca ) has, said mayor Alexis Argüello, who was appointed by the Supreme Electoral Council in Managua to produce a report on the trip he made to Russia late last month."