In Nicaragua Companies Train their Technicians

Lack of technically skilled labour is forcing some companies to bear the cost of training their employees.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Food technology and industrial electronics courses haven arisen precisely in response to the needs of the private sector, which increasingly needs employees with technical training. This was explained to by Berta Mayela Quintanilla, "... Director General of Fundación Victoria, an organization authorized by the Inatec to offer mid-level technical courses."

Beekeeping, coffee and cocoa agribusiness and construction are other activities that colleges and universities are starting to invest in to improve the supply of technically skilled labor. In the process of redefining academic offerings, feedback from employers is essential, said Quintanilla. 

See: "The Talent in Demand in Nicaragua's Economy"

Alejandro Talavera, human resources manager of the company Nicaragua Machinery Company (Nimac), said that "... companies are having difficulties in finding technicians who can use these new technologies.'The problem is where are the technical schools preparing these technicians for this technology'. Although Nimac has created its technical training center due to demand from the company itself, it then realized that its customers also demanded technical training and support. On the other hand, Talavera admitted that specialized technical training has high costs.

For Nimac, "...The company estimates that training each of its technicians costs about $5,000."

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Between 300 thousand and 500 thousand professionals in different areas are estimated to be needed in order to cover the jobs that could be generated in the next ten years.

Panama's economic growth potential can not be fully developed if the necessary conditions are not developed, one of which is the quality of the labor supply.  

Shortage of Specialized Technicians in Nicaragua

April 2017

There is still a shortage of workers with the skills and technical training needed to work in several sectors, ranging from agriculture to telecommunications.

Workers with skills to not only operate but also repair specialized farm machinery, and even to train people in the operation of specialized software are what companies have been unable to find in different sectors in Nicaragua. Despite efforts, some even made by various private companies, to fund studies and train their employees so that they can acquire the necessary skills, there remains a significant gap between labor supply and demand in the country.

Costa Rica: 50% of Companies Cant Find Technical Talent

April 2015

Companies are struggling to find employees with skills in information technology, programming and networking, electricity, processing and assembly of medical parts.

The Talent Shortage study (2014) by Manpower notes that "... 51% of the 620 Costa Rican employers surveyed said they can not find suitable professionals to perform the tasks required by their company." The main cause, according to the contractors, is lack of technical skills.

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Costa Rica faces a shortage of manpower with skills in engineering, management and the English language.

Emmanuel Hess, director general of the export promotion agency, Procomer, said the education system is failing to meet the needs of the economy.
More statistics are required, he added.