Import of Styrofoam Products Banned

In Costa Rica, the Legislative Assembly ratified the ban on the import, marketing and distribution of expanded polystyrene containers, better known as styrofoam.

Friday, June 14, 2019

With the approval in Second Debate of file 19.833 "Addition of an article 42 bis, a paragraph d) to article 50 and the transitory XIII, XIV and XV to the Law for the Integral Management of Waste, No. 8839, the deputies agreed to prohibit the import into the national territory, marketing and delivery of expanded polystyrene containers and containers in any commercial establishment, informed the Assembly through a statement.

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The statement states that "... Exceptions to this prohibition are cases where, for reasons of conservation or protection of products, the use of alternative materials is not environmentally viable. Household appliance and related packaging. Industrial uses."

Regarding the approval, executive director of the Chamber of Industries, explained to that "... despite the fact that the approved prohibition does not include industrial uses, it calls attention if a limitation like this fights with the international treaties that Costa Rica has signed."

Paola Valladares, legislator of the National Liberation Party, said that "... Paola Valladares, legislator of the National Liberation Party, said that "... the restriction on the use of these containers is established. In addition, the law comes to be implemented and gives a 24-month period for the mechanisms to be adapted to replace such products in commercial establishments.

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On July 15, President Alvarado signed in Costa Rica the Law that decrees the prohibition of import, marketing and delivery of containers or containers of expanded polyethylene, better known as Styrofoam, in any commercial establishment.

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Styrofoam Banned in Costa Rica

July 2019

President Alvarado signed the law that prohibits the importation, commercialization and delivery of expanded polyethylene containers, better known as styrofoam, in any commercial establishment.

The prohibition shall become effective twenty-four months after the entry into force of the Law, which shall be subsequent to its publication in the official newspaper La Gaceta.