If the Ports Cough, Economies Catch a Cold

Port sector entrepreneurs are advocating legal mechanisms to prevent the stoppage of work at ports due to workers strikes.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The latest labor dispute which took place in Manzanillo port in Panama and its impact on the logistics industry is not far removed from other countries in the region.

Maritime industry representatives agree on the serious risk posed by strikes to the development of Panama as a logistics center. They state that they must find ways to resolve conflicts before actions that may affect the country's image are taken.

"The authorities should consider mechanisms to serve as a means to resolving problems between employees and concessionaires before it turns into a crisis ...", reported Prensa.com.

"Because of the importance of the maritime sector for the country, the authorities should legislate in such a way as to ensure that before any work stops the parties can go to arbitration and the conflict can be resolved expeditiously," said Willis Delvalle, president of the Maritime Chamber of Panama (CMP).

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Puerto Manzanillo Up and Running Again

November 2013

After the partial paralyzation because of a strike by a group of employees, the loading and unloading of containers has started to accelerate.

Prensa.com reports that "they have managed to unload a large part of the containers that were in the harbor after the work stoppage on November 13 in the night by a group of employees who protested over the calculations used for working out overtime. "

Strike Continues at Manzanillo Port

November 2013

The strike by workers in the Panamanian port terminal has gone on for a week, forcing some ships to divert to other ports in the region.

So far it is unknown how high the losses are in the port operated by Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT). The terminal operator has said that it has managed to increase cargo movement operations but still not managed to have normal operations.

The Multiplied Impact of Strikes at Ports

November 2013

Logistics is the system of veins and arteries through which global trade flows, and the ports are the heart of this system; a strike has the same impact as a heart attack in a human being.

An article in Prensa.com states: "What should be ceaseless port activity has become bogged down.

How to Avoid a Strike at the Ports

July 2012

"Because of the importance of the maritime sector for the country, there should be legislation to go to arbitration before reaching a strike" - Willis Delvalle, President of the Maritime Chamber of Panama.

Facing millions in losses affecting all clients and participants in the logistic Hub in Panama, as a result of the last strike by workers at the terminals of Balboa and Cristobal, representatives of shipping companies and port operators need to consider the adoption of legislation so that when there are labor disputes port operations are not crippled.