IT Services on Licenses and Technical Support

The Government of Honduras is tendering technical support services for equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, virtually, by telephone or physical assistance, to diagnose and provide solutions to problems presented by the National Commission of Banks and Insurance.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Government of Honduras Purchase LPN-CNBS-005-2022:

"The National Commission of Banks and Insurance of Honduras are bidding for the renewal of licenses and support service for equipment for a period of twelve months, the characteristics are detailed below.

* Renewal of licenses for Check Point 5900 NGTP Appliance - HPP w/SSD and Check Point Smart-1 405 NGSM Appliance.
- Firewall, IPSec VPN, Content Awareness, Mobiles Access, Network Policy Management, Logging & Status, Monitoring should not expire, as a feature.

- The current software has features that will expire on November 27, 2022, including the following: IPS, application control, URL filtering, antivirus, anti Bot, among others.

- The expiration date is November 27, 2021.

* Renewal of support services for Check Point 5900 NGTP Appliance - HPP w/SSD and Check Point Smart-1 405 NGSM Appliance.
- Vendor shall include technical assistance from the manufacturer via phone call or 24X7 web interface.

- Also, local technical support from the manufacturer.

- Software updates (patches, service packs, upgrades).

- On-site response after diagnosis and troubleshooting via phone or online 24/7.

For more information log on to the bidding platform."

Estimated amount: $17,475.

Deadline to submit bids: June 22, 2022.

See tender.

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June 2021

The Secretariat of Security of Honduras tenders the supply of IT equipment for the Tutoring Unit and for the Police Headquarters located in La Puerta in San Pedro Sula, Las Vegas in Santa Barbara, Tela in Atlantida and Olanchito in Yoro.

Government of Honduras Purchase PCCMB-366-LPI-B-2021:

Tender for Licenses: Single Bid Discarded

November 2019

Because the proposal submitted by Mayoreo de Computacion S.A. does not comply with some of the formalities required, in Guatemala decided to discard the only bid submitted in the tender for the service of issuing licenses to drive vehicles.

The company, which has been in charge of providing the service for 20 years and whose commercial name is Maycom, was the only one that presented its offer at the public ceremony, which totaled Q857 million ($111 million), but derived from some errors found in the documents, the authorities disqualified the proposal.

Software Licenses: $2 Million Tender

November 2018

The Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal de Costa Rica tenders the license renewal of IT security tools.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2018LN-000002-0020600001:

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-5,000 software license renewals Symantec Endpoint protection manager

-10 firepower copper network module bypass renewals

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The Ministry of Finance in El Salvador is putting out to tender renewal of support and technical assistance services for the institution's network security infrastructure.

El Salvador Government Purchase DR CAFTA LA No 23/2018:

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