IT: Opportunities in Peru

At a Latin American level, the Peruvian market is the fifth with the greatest demand for professionals in the IT area, with a deficit of 17 thousand people, being the financial sector one of the activities with the greatest need for solutions.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Peru has established a financial structure made up of 16 private and 4 state-owned banks, as well as a dozen other credit profiles. Banking is one of the main clients for the local technological offer and around which an ecosystem of Fintech companies and platforms for E-commerce has been developed.

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According to the study prepared by the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer), in the South American country "... there are about 120 Fintech companies operating, organized in at least two sectorial hubs and generating services in consumer and business banking, among other specialized services. Just in 2019 there was a 256% growth in the number of new Fintech companies and it is the second country in the region with the highest expansion rate."

With the emergence of electronic purses or e-wallets, new needs oriented towards digital payment methods appeared, aimed at responding to the growing number of Internet users.

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Currently, in the context of changing habits, in the Peruvian market the potential challenges and opportunities are linked to small and medium enterprises, who were surprised by the pandemic with little digital preparation.

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