IP Telephony in Costa Rica

The announced increase of 290% in fixed telephony tariffs has accelerated the switch over to Internet telephony.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

IP telephony has taken off more strongly after news of a 290% increase in fixed rates. One of the few requirements needed for its implementation is to have an internet connection.

Elfinancierocr.com reports: "Although the Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel) sets the same rate for fixed telephony and IP telephony, the latter allows companies to offer unlimited packages to its users, which would have no additional cost."

According to Rowland Espinoza, Vice Minister of Telecommunications, the service has been offered since 2009 when the phone and Internet market was deprivatized, but supply of the service has grown in recent years. Some 15 companies are allowed to offer the service and 13 are already selling it.

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State Telecom Not Taking Advantage of IP Telephony Market

October 2013

In Costa Rica the growing business is led by Tigo which has a 78% market share, Callmyway with 16%, Telecable with 5% and other companies with just 1%.

Recent studies by the Sutel show that the use of internet telephony has been making great strides. "While in the fourth quarter of 2010 there were 10 VoIP connections, two years later there were 18,144 such connections," explains Pablo Fonseca in Nacion.com.

New Company offers IP Telephone in Costa Rica

March 2011

CallMyWay, a Costa Rican company, lanched an Internet Telephony Service (IP).

Local calls to landlines or cell phones will keep the same rate as the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, but international calls will have lower rates and calls between the company's customers are free.

Costa Rica: Amnet to Offer IP Telephony

March 2011

The company is awaiting authorities to assign the numbers in order to begin marketing.

Raul Ibanez, manager of Amnet Costa Rica, said that for international calls the company promises improved rates and for calls between Amnet residential users the price will be minimal.

Panama: $15 Million in VoIP

September 2009

The government will invest in Voice over Internet, in order to modernize telecommunications at state entities.

Currently in the stage of analysis, the project could be ready for the end of this year, reported Eduardo Jaén, Secretary of Government Innovation.

He added: "we are analyzing proposals by several communications companies interested in the project, such as Cable & Wireless and Telecarrier", reported Pa-digital.com.pa.