INCAE is in 46 Place in World Rankings

The International Classification of the Financial Times Executive Education ratifies that INCAE is within the top 50 business schools in executive education.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

According to the study only 4 Latin American schools were able to get into the ranking. IPADE (Mexico), Fundação Dom Cabral and IBMEC São Paulo (Brazil) are among a total of more than 6 thousand that are currently active throughout the world.

"The criteria for the classification of the Financial Times show that INCAE has a solid position as a center of academic excellence based on the quality of its faculty. The ranking evaluates topics such as preparation, program design, teaching methods and materials, even international clients, participants and professors," said Roy Zuñiga, Dean of INCAE’s Walter Kissling Gam campus.

The Financial Times survey of executive education reflected the views of more than 5,600 high level clients and participants in general, responding to the survey. The survey was distributed in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

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The Best Business Schools

June 2010

América Economía published its 2010 ranking of the best business schools in Latin America and the world.

Worldwide, the list is topped by Harvard Business School, followed by London Business School and Spain’s IE Business School.

In Latin America, the leader is Mexico’s “Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo”, followed by INCAE Business School and Chile’s Adolfo Ibáñez University.

Innovation at Business Schools

June 2009

Changes in the world are happening more and more quickly, and business schools should adapt their programs at the same speed.

Among other issues, there exists the generalized opinion that ethics should be integrated across all disciplines. In an article in Americaeconomia com, it is noted that "it is not about a specialist talking about ethics, but rather that a professor of finance provides a vision for ethics in finance."

INCAE First in MBA Ranking

June 2009

AméricaEconomía Intelligence stresses a combination of INCAE’s BS strengths in its special on the best business schools in Latin America.

The report published in said that first place “was recovered by INCAE this year. INCAE is the Central American School that was founded with Harvard support, and the one that achieved the best balance of academic strengths, production and dissemination of knowledge, internationalization and network power; the four large dimensions we introduced in our methodology."