INCAE: Leader in Knowledge Production and Dissemination

América Economía’s ranking of the best business schools in Latin America in the production and dissemination of knowledge.

Friday, May 29, 2009

América Economía Intelligence published an advance of its 2009 MBA rankings, with the release of the top ten ranking in the category of production and dissemination of knowledge. In this specific sense, INCAE got the top spot, followed by the University of San Andres and the University of Chile in the second and third spots.

The advance in the rankings in Americaeconomí noted that "the production and dissemination of knowledge variable has become one of most competitive variables among business schools. The increasing investment being made by schools to continuously gather more and better research is notorious. The best proof is the high growth in ISI papers being written by full-time professors. While in 2008 the base only reached 497 papers, it reached 801 papers this year, an increase of 78% in one year.

América Economía will publish its general ranking on June 1.

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